For projects that are deliverable via electronic means (e.g., slide shows or newsletters emailed to you upon completion), two pricing plans are available:

  • Hourly rate — I charge $36 per hour for my work. I calculate the time spent on your project in 10-minute increments (i.e., $6 each) and I round down for any amount of time after the start of one increment but before the start of the next. For example, if your project takes me one hour and 28 minutes to create, you will be charged for 1:20, which comes out to $48. I report the total time of the project upon delivery.

  • Flat rate — Once you have completed your project questionnaire and I have received the full details of your project, I make a good-faith estimate of the time it will take me to complete the task. I apply my hourly rate to that estimate and add 15% to arrive at the flat rate for the project. For example, if I estimate that it will take me 2 hours and 40 minutes to create a newsletter for your church, then the flat rate would be $110.40 (2:40 x $36 + 15%). If it takes me three hours or more to finish the project, you get a bargain. On the other hand, if I complete the task in fewer than three hours, I will earn more than my hourly rate. (Please note: every project is different, so it is not possible to provide even a rough estimate until I know the outline of what you're looking for, and a final estimate requires complete details.)

  • Where required, sales tax will be added to the total.

Projects that involve the delivery of a physical object are priced separately. These include inscribed copies of Our Father Who Aren’t in Heaven, study guides for Our Father Who Aren’t in Heaven, and seasonal devotional books. Visit the store for details.