Prayer Is Political

"In Our Father Who Aren't in Heaven: Subversive Reflections on the Lord's Prayer, [published in 2015 by Wipf and Stock,] author Robert S. Turner presents a political reading of this most famous of prayers. The book explores how we can encounter a God who has left the divine hammock empty and cast God's lot with humanity and the rest of creation. A renewed understanding of the Prayer may have the capacity to transform the world. These subversive reflections on the Lord's Prayer may have the capacity to transform the reader as well."

— from the back cover



“Changing God’s Address,” from chapter 1, discusses the nature of God as both transcendent and immanent and the significance of this dual nature for interpreting the Lord’s Prayer.


How to buy

The book is available directly from the publisher, in paperback and eBook formats. Amazon.com also carries the book, in both paperback and Kindle versions. If you would like a signed paperback copy, you must order it directly from the author:


Study Guide

A study guide with discussion questions by Robert S. Turner and Sarah Councell Turner is available for book groups.


Other Book

Robert S. Turner is also the author of the forthcoming novel A Rope for Judas (Resource Publications, July/August 2019).