Holy Week Bundle ( Six Dramatic Monologues)

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six monologues — cover.001.jpeg

Holy Week Bundle ( Six Dramatic Monologues)


All six dramatic monologues for Holy Week. Get them all together and save $3.00!

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The Holy Week bundle contains all six dramatic monologues that follow the events of Holy Week:

  • Visitation from God — The story of Jesus’s entry into Jerusalem from the daughter of the donkey’s owner.

  • The Anointing — An account of Jesus's anointing by a woman just before his death.

  • The Price of Admission — An eyewitness account of Jesus’s washing his disciples’ feet.

  • The Charcoal Fire — A remembrance of Peter's as his own death approaches.

  • The Coward's Wife — A reflection by the wife of Pontius Pilate, based on Matthew 27:19.

  • The Bandit's Brother (or Sister) — A reflection by a sibling of the "Good Thief" on the cross next to Jesus. Can be performed by either a man or a woman.

Monologues are sold separately for $3 apiece. Buy the bundle for $15 and save three bucks!