Resources to enhance your church’s
communication efforts.

web content and management

Need someone to help you set up, create content for, or manage your church web site? Just provide the information and we will do it for you.


Announcements Slide Shows

Keep your congregation informed about upcoming events and special moments in the life of your church with these self-playing, looped slide shows. Can be displayed on a video screen or monitor in a foyer, narthex, or sanctuary, and can be easily added to a web site or Facebook page.



Tell your folks what's going on ... with our help. You supply the content, we put everything together in a clear yet stylish format. Electronic and print versions available.



Custom-made three-panel brochures, full- and half-page fliers, posters, welcome-to-the-neighborhood postcards, and more! You provide the details, we design an eye-catching product to your specifications.


welcome packets

It's always a good practice to put something in the hands of first-time visitors to give them a quick introduction to your church. We provide a welcome message, contact information, and a response card, all arranged in a small, easy-to-carry folder.


Display Board Materials

If you have a three- or four-panel display board, we can design a neat and welcoming arrangement to introduce your church to newcomers. Lamination and Velcro fasteners included.


Essays and Reflections

Crunched for time and need an essay, devotion, or reflection for inclusion in a church newsletter or other publication? Relax and use one of these ready-made items.